A great solution for
small businesses

Saves time and money and gives you peace of mind for your business

What is a ONE PAGE website

As its name implies, a marketing site built from a single web page where the end user scrolls the content. The business is presented in a professional, clear, up-to-date and accessible manner.

What are the benefits of a ONE PAGE site

Especially suitable for a start-up business. Combining low costs and fast turn-around (less than a week) allowing immediate exposure to potential customers

Up-to-date design and mobile responsive

The site is designed and built professionally using the most up-to-date technology for websites. Suitable for all platforms: desktop computer, tablet and mobile.

What do I need to do to get a ONE PAGE site?

Honestly, not much… Most of the work we will do for you.
You just need to fill out a detailed form with the content for the 6 most important areas:
Hero banner, about you, services, testimonials, gallery and contact us.
Send us all written content, photos, logos, slogans, videos if any, and any additional marketing material.
We’ll take care of the rest.
Very fast without much effort or headache, you will have an active website in no time.


Shefa Alovera

שפע ואלוורה

Soka Workshop


Bereshit Real Estate

Body Paint School



Dental Clinic

Order Form

For full details on the ONE PAGE website message me via whatsapp: 052-4497766, or leave details and I will get back to you soon!

What is your investment in a ONE PAGE website?

Cost is 2,550 NIS – up to 3 payments.
The price includes storage and maintenance for three months!
The prices do not include VAT.

Additional costs not included
1. Domain purchase.
2. After three months, basic storage and maintenance
on the servers of Studio Erez –
79 NIS per month (optional)
– not including VAT 

Hi, my name is Lisa

I also own a business just like you.
As a trained graphic designer working in advertising and graphics, I combined my skills and knowledge and entered the field of web development around 20 years ago.
One of the challenges I face almost every day is small businesses having a hard time finding the time and budget to build a website for their business.
In addition, they lack the knowledge and understanding about how to go about promoting their business on the internet.
A ONE PAGE website is a solution that has matured from my understanding and knowledge and from the great technological capabilities now available.
A smart, cheap and easy solution for those people dealing with the dilemmas I mentioned.
My studio takes responsibility for designing and building the site, leaving you free to engage in what you do best… supporting your clients.
Once your business grows and succeeds, you can contact me and I will help you upgrade your existing site according to the new needs of your business.
In addition, I have contacts with professionals in the field: photographers, video, content writing and more… and everyone can be at your service.
I would be happy if you contact me with any questions, by mobile 052-4497766 or in the form on the website.

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